Establishing desalination plants

Esnad Company for Contracting establishes and maintains seawater desalination plants,  produces electric power, and delivers fresh water produced to the various regions of the Kingdom of SaudiArabia.

The natural resources in the Kingdom are limited to some wells and rain and torrential water pools, which were not sufficient to meet the necessary needs throughout the ages. As a result of the tremendous development, civilizational, economic and industrial progress and the increase in the population, the demand for potable water has increased to a much greater degree than that available from natural sources, which made the attention turn to desalinating sea water, especially since the Kingdom has been blessed by God with two coasts: the coast of the Red Sea and the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Esnad Company for Contracting has invested its engineering and research expertise to expand design innovation, implementation and supply of a new high-efficiency desalination plant that consumes less energy and is more flexible in operation and mobility, with the efforts of its national cadres, which contributed to reaching the international level of competencies that supports the operational capabilities and participates in reducing energy consumption to unprecedented levels.

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