Projects Management Office

The Projects Management Office at Esnad Company for Contracting is an organizational entity within the company’s structure, which examines and follows up projects and their operations and compares them to the company’s standards and objectives since studying the project, the requirements and specifications of the owner and the project policy therein, and ensures that these projects are in compliance to the standards and specifications specified in the specifications and conditions brochure, as well as the basics of studying the project itself.

Also , it identifies and facilitates the provision of resources, technical and administrative tools, methods and applications, and their distribution among the projects under implementation in the company . The office plays a vital role in supporting and guiding the company’s project management, training employees on project management and its electronic programs, providing assistance with qualitative project management tools, and ensuring the performance of everything related to project management and matching what is planned . It also has a mentoring role in the company on projects and operations; As it participates in the appointment of project managers for the company .

The office considers itself jointly responsible for the results of these projects and their success for all projects, regardless of their size, type or impact.

  • Phone

  • +966-50-920-9977

  • Address

  • Saudi Arabia Riyadh